Global  Missions

Northstar works toward fulfilling our global vision by sending short-term teams and long-term missionaries. Our primary aim in sending is to help start churches where they do not exist or to empower the local church to fulfill its mission.

Short-Term  Mission Trips 


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Dominican Republic

DR Vision seeks to make a reproducing impact for Christ throughout the country and all of Latin America. All of their ministries – Las Palmas school, sports ministry, Mercy Workshop, a medical clinic, and two local churches – are designed to meet specific needs in the community with the intention of making disciples.

Our student team serves annually during spring break at Las Palmas, and our adult team serves in a variety of capacities as the missionary team sees best.

Date: November 29-December 4, 2024

Leader: Nick Toth

Focus: Male team to assist with landscaping and other projects at Vision Land (a site that will house all their ministries in one location).

Cost: $2,000


    The Roma community, not too far from downtown Athens, is a people group who are misunderstood, judged, and forgotten. A lack of education and social inclusion have led to lack of jobs and income. Many live without running water, power, or permanent home structures. 

    The Petalouda educational center (through Hellenic Ministries), believes change is possible in Jesus’ name. This ministry nurtures the Roma community by helping them with things they never thought possible: reading, writing, applying for jobs, learning new skills, and more. 

    This volunteer team will love the children, teens, and adults through educational opportunities, including teaching English. 

    Since this area is covered in strongholds such as drugs, abuse, and prostitution, we ask for only adults to apply for this trip experience.


    Date: September 21-29, 2024 (TRIP FULL)

    Leader: Curt + Caroline Duncan

    Cost: $2,500



    La Mision serves the Guatemalan people through medical initiatives, construction projects, bible school, food distribution, and more. Mission teams partner with this ministry by serving two remote villages with medical treatments in hopes of gaining entry into the community. Through these ministry opportunities, locals have the ability to build long-term relationships. 

    Join our team as they creatively serve the community, helping long-term workers reach people with the gospel.

    Dates for 2025 will become available this fall!


    The nations live right here in Knoxville! Not only is Knoxville an official resettlement city for refugees and asylum seekers, but immigrants reside here for education and employment opportunities. 

    The Great Commission tells us to go make disciples of all nations. Perhaps going to the nations is easier than ever with many living among us in our home city. 

    Join us for this 2-day global experience to learn and immerse yourself in the cultures that surround us. Partnering with Knoxville International Network, you will deeply learn about God’s heart for the world and how you can make a global impact here in Knoxville.

    Dates for 2025 will become available this fall!


    The 6 Degree Initiative (6DI) is a church planting movement focusing on the unreached people groups just north of the equator in West Africa. This area has been greatly impacted by Voodoo and the exportation of human life through the slave trade. The missionary team partners with national leaders to plant churches in the least-reached cities of the region. 

    There are 5 projects currently with the 6DI: Togo church planting, Benin church planting, Palms Kids Camps, Deaf Project, and Vocational Training Center. Our teams will serve in one or some of these projects depending on the needs of the missionaries.

    Dates for 2025 will become available this fall!

    * Please fill out the application if you are interested in going on a short term mission trip with Northstar.

    Long-Term   Sending 

    Do you think the Lord may be calling you to go to the nations? Email Chrissy Toth, missions director, at  to start the conversation. Also, check out our sending partner, Upstream Sending at for a great video and overview.