Lead Pastor Transition

Northstar Church family,

Below you will find simple answers to frequently asked questions regarding Pastor Scott’s transition from Lead Pastor. We commit to communicating frequently and providing as many applicable resources as possible. This page will continually be updated with the latest information.
At the bottom, you will find links and attachments to more resources as you process this new season for Northstar.
We are here for you, and we cherish your support,

– Northstar Leadership Team & Elders


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What is happening?

After more than 20 years, Pastor Scott is stepping down as Lead Pastor of Northstar Church. The elders and leadership team are supportive of Pastor Scott and collectively, in accordance with our church bylaws, are crafting a transition plan that supports both Pastor Scott and Northstar Church.

Why is Pastor Scott transitioning?

You can hear from Pastor Scott himself on these two platforms:
    • Sunday, October 22nd church service
    • Short video announcement
Over the past few years, Pastor Scott has sensed the Lord leading him to a new season of ministry. He has a growing passion to reach our city and the nations, to coach local pastors and church planters, and to be an advocate for the mission of Northstar Church. With the support of his family, the elders, and staff, Pastor Scott believes this is his next step in making a Kingdom impact. He will continue to follow the call of God on his life by loving and serving Christ first, his family second, and serving in wider ministry endeavors in the future.

Why the transition now?

Pastor Scott believes this is the right time for him to make this change. This allows him time to pursue other opportunities that God has set before him. Northstar has also experienced amazing growth, and as our community continues to expand, this allows the current leadership, including the new Lead Pastor, to strategically step into a new exciting season for our church.

Who will be the next Lead Pastor, and how did we come to this decision?

After much prayer, consideration, and counsel, Pastor Scott approached Pastor Cory Haney in the fall of 2022 and asked him to prayerfully consider becoming the next lead pastor. Unbeknownst to Pastor Scott, the Holy Spirit was already working in Pastor Cory’s life and confirming a call to become a lead pastor. 
Many conversations later, in the spring of 2023, Pastor Scott met separately with the leadership team and the elders (from both campuses) to inform them of what God was doing in him personally and to get feedback on Pastor Cory as the next potential lead pastor. Following those meetings, Pastor Cory met separately with the leadership team and the elders to express his heart and to answer any questions. Both groups were unanimous in their approval of Pastor Cory as the right person to become the next lead pastor of Northstar Church!

Does this decision comply with our church bylaws?

The short answer is yes. The bylaws are very clear about the process that takes place in the event that there is a vacancy in the lead pastor position. However, this situation is unique because at no point will there be an actual vacancy in the lead pastor position. Pastor Scott, with the ongoing approval and recommendation of the elders and the leadership team, believes Pastor Cory Haney is the next lead pastor of Northstar.
In accordance with the bylaws, Northstar covenant partners will have the opportunity to affirm Pastor Cory in this new position on December 3rd, 2023 during both Sunday services.

When is the transition taking place?

Pastor Cory will officially step into the role of Lead Pastor on Sunday, August 4, 2024. Before this date, there will be many transitional steps occurring to ensure a smooth transition for Pastor Scott, Pastor Cory, and the Northstar church family.

What's next for Northstar?

The elders and leadership team are leading a process of praying and planning for Pastor Scott’s gradual transition and Pastor Cory’s onboarding. God has been so gracious up to this point. Even in the midst of great unity and excitement, this decision also brings a lot of various emotions for everyone involved.
Therefore, we think it’s important to spend some time as a church family to process together. We invite all covenant partners to join us on Sunday, November 19th at 6:30 pm for a Family Meeting. You will hear more details from both Pastor Scott and Pastor Cory. Before the meeting, you will have a chance to submit your questions. Pastor Scott and Pastor Cory will then take the time to walk through the most common questions and themes.
Northstar covenant partners are invited to affirm the decision of Pastor Cory as our next Lead Pastor on Sunday, December 3rd.
Over the next months, we will be working diligently to ensure our staff and volunteers have all the information they need and plans in place to continue in the amazing ministries of Northstar. Communication will be a top priority.

What's next for Pastor Scott?

First and foremost, Pastor Scott and Melissa will continue to worship with Northstar as their home church. God has given Pastor Scott many gifts and passions, and his desire is to continue to use those in this new season of ministry.  Although Pastor Scott won’t officially be on staff, he will continue to represent Northstar by reaching our city and the nations, coaching local pastors and church planters, preaching a few times a year, and advocating for the mission of Northstar Church.

Will this transition change the mission and vision of Northstar?

Absolutely not! Northstar is committed to the biblical mission of making fully devoted followers of Christ and will continue in the vision to reach the local and global community for Jesus. Pastor Cory will carry on this vision. How the vision is expressed will adapt to the needs of our church, city, and the world.

What can I do?

We fully believe that Northstar belongs to Jesus, and He is in control. Our role is to pray and seek His guidance for Northstar, Pastor Scott, Pastor Cory, and the staff. Stay committed to your role in Northstar, the mission at hand, and fervent prayer.
As stated above, we invite you to submit your questions and attend the Family Meeting.

How can I submit a question that has not been addressed?

Please submit your questions HERE.
Upon request, and depending on availability, we can arrange someone from our elder team or leadership team to call you. We welcome an open conversation. You can see who our elders are HERE.

Where can I get more details about the transition?

Join us Sunday evening, November 19th for our Family Meeting. For those who cannot attend, it will be recorded and posted on this page following the event.

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