Childcare Policy & Reimbursement

One of Northstar’s core values is that we grow relationally. In order to do this best, we encourage everyone to join a Life Group. Our desire is that these groups help you grow closer to Christ and others. We are happy to reimburse Life Group leaders for the costs of childcare in order to make Life Groups an option for those in all life stages!


Northstar’s Childcare Reimbursement Policy for Groups:

Northstar will reimburse Life Group leaders for the cost of childcare following the ratios below at a rate of $15/hour per sitter. If Life Group leaders choose to pay sitters a rate higher than $15/hour, they will be responsible for covering the difference.
Sitter ratio: 
1-5 children: Northstar will pay for 1 sitter
6-10 children: Northstar will pay for 2 sitters
11-15 children: Northstar will pay for 3 sitters
Ratio Exceptions:
If there are 2 or more infants or very young children in the group that will need holding and extra attention, Northstar will pay for an extra sitter in addition to the above listed ratios. (Example: If there are 4 children needing childcare but 2 of them are under 1 year old, Northstar will pay for 2 sitters for those 4 total children.)

How Childcare Reimbursement Works:

1. The group leader will pay the babysitters out of pocket for each Life Group meeting.
2. The group leader will then complete this childcare reimbursement form.
3. Northstar will mail you a check to cover the costs as explained above. (If you have not received your check after 2 weeks, please email Claudia, our financial specialist, at
Please submit childcare reimbursements at least once per month in order to avoid a backlog of reimbursement needs.

If you have any questions about this childcare reimbursement policy, or if you have questions about specific situations that don’t clearly fit within the above parameters, please contact either Tyler or Jessica below depending on what campus you attend.

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